F010 Questionnaire Suppliers


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Which quality system do you have?

Please send a copy of your quality certificate to kwaliteit@vdbdivers.nl. If you have BRC or higher certification, than please skip to the bottom of this form and sign

Do you use an HACCP system?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points) must be the basis for your food security system. A list of all processes (flow chart) and your CCP’s (Critical Control Points) needs to be present.

Do you have an organisation structure?

The company has an organised structure which supplies a clear definition and documentation of task and function descriptions, responsibilities of those employees that influence the safety, requirements by law and quality of the product.

Do you supply training for your personnel?

The company needs to supply training and instructions for all personnel, according to their activities, so they are proven to be qualified to perform their tasks. This also applies to temporary personnel.

Do you have a cleaning plan?

A cleaning plan must be present, which includes: the cleaning agents that are being used and the frequency in which cleaning and disinfection takes place.

Do you have rules for hygiene?

The company needs to document all the rules with regard to the personal hygiene of all personnel, including visitors to the production location, and all persons that enter the company need to obey these rules.

Do the food processors wear protective clothing?

The protective clothing supplied by the company needs to be worn by food processors, visitors and external personnel in spaces where food is processed. The clothes need to be suited to the activities the company engages in.

Do you control the purchase procedures?

The company needs to control all purchase procedures that are of essential importance to the product safety, legality and quality to ensure that bought products comply with the pre-set demands.

Do you have a waste removal system?

There should be an adequate system for collecting, sorting and removal of waste products.

Do you have pest control?

The company is responsible for minimising the risk of contamination with pest animals on location. For regular inspection and treatment of the location and prevention of presence and contamination of products by pest animals, the company needs to hire certified personnel or a certified company to perform these inspections. If a company is hired for this purpose, there should be a clearly defined contract, which proves that all activities on site are included in the inspection.

Is your transport suited for food materials?

All means by which products (including packaging materials) are transported to the company site and the transport of products to the customer or other storage locations, need to be suited for transporting food materials, and have been properly maintained and need to be hygienical.

Do you detect foreign parts?

The company needs to take care that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that the risk of contamination of the product with metals of other parts that do not belong in the product (foreign parts), is defined, avoided, eliminated or minimised.

Is your product packaging suited for this purpose?

The packaging of the product must be suitable for this purpose, and the circumstances in storage should minimize the risk of contamination and loss of quality.

Do you have procedures for store management?

There must be procedures in place which ensure that materials and products are used in the proper order and within the expanse of the shelf life.

Do you isolate defect products?

The company must guaranty that products that do not comply with the pre-set standards, are clearly defined, labelled and isolated.

Do you have procedures of non-compliance?

The company must ensure that suitable procedures are present to research non-compliance in pre-set standards, specifications or procedures that are critical for product safety, requirements of law and quality.

Do you have a tracing system?

The company must have a system by which it is capable of tracing all products and their ingredients (including packaging materials) to the source, through production, distribution and final delivery to the consumer.

Do you have procedures to deal with incidents?

The company needs to have effective procedures to deal with incidents and the recall of products.

Do you have a system for complaint management?

The company must have a complaint management system.

Do you identify and calibrate measuring equipment?

The company must identify measuring equipment that is used to guard CCP’s, requirements of law and product safety. The measuring equipment must be calibrated according to a nationally recognized standard. If it is not possible to calibrate the measuring equipment to a nationally recognized standard, the company must supply information on the used standard.

Which CCP’s are defined within the company:

In accordance with de Dutch Food Safety Organisation information paper 64 we would like to receive a recent microbiological analyses and the frequency in which this is analysed, executed by a certified laboratory. Please send this information to kwaliteit@vdbdivers.nl.

Do you make frequent analysis?

Does the company make frequent analysis of Listeria monocytogenes?

Is there metal detection?

The product does not contain foreign parts such as glass, wood, stone, metal etc.

Are allergens listed?

Can you guaranty that all the allergens the product contains are listed on the label and product specification?


Each product that is delivered needs to comply to current lawful requirements. How do you make sure you are aware of any changes in food related law?

The person signing this document acknowledges that all the information submitted is the whole truth and the company will update VAV Groep if there are any changes in products or organisation. The person signing also acknowledges that all delivered products are authentic.

This digital form is viewed as signed if you fill in your name, function within the company and the current date.

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